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Blood Orange Sparkling Water 24 x 330ml

Blood Orange Sparkling Water 24 x 330ml

Available for nation-wide delivery.

Bold and fruity, Almighty's Blood Orange Sparkling Water offers a zesty twist to your everyday hydration. There's no shame in drinking this refreshing treat because this sparkling water is completely sugar free and uses only natural blood orange flavour, made from real fruit. With 1 calorie per can, you can drink as much as you please. All Almighty sparkling water is activated charcoal filtered for purity. No sugar. No sweetener. Only natural flavours.

At Almighty we believe that drinks with artificial flavours and added sugar are done for. That's why we've worked hard to make this delicious can of naturally flavoured, charcoal-filtered sparkling water, without adding any sugar or artificial nonsense.

  • No sugar
  • Naturally flavoured
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